“The best decisions I’ve ever made…”

"If you're thinking of getting a photographer for an engagement shoot, look no further than Marek. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, cares very deeply about his work, and his results are stunning (I couldn't believe how beautifully his photos came out), plus he has an adorable dog named Lucky, and is a great conversationist.

I asked Marek to capture the moment I proposed to my girlfriend and he helped me select the spot as we were touring the area and plan the shoot. He even lent me his jacket so that I wouldn't get torn apart by the midges that come out in the evening.

Come the day of the shoot, Marek and Lucky blended with the scenery and were able to capture the candid moment in great detail. And after the proposal, Marek walked us around the property and took a bunch of different photos of my fiance and myself walking, holding hands, sitting together, petting Lucky etc. Everything was well thought out. Besides asking my girlfriend to marry me, hiring Marek has been one the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you so much Marek! Best wishes, and a happy life to you and your family!"

Mike DavisNew Jersey, United States of America

“an event my fiancée and I will never forget…”

"Marek is fantastic. I contacted him about documenting my surprise engagement proposal and he was extremely accommodating, going to great lengths to maintain the surprise and make it an event my fiancée and I will never forget.

He waited thirty minutes for us to arrive at the agreed upon location. After brilliantly documenting the surprise, he in turn surprised us with a post-engagement photoshoot at a number of well thought out locations nearby.

The resulting photographs are breathtaking, and I'm extremely appreciative of Marek's efforts. He definitely went above and beyond my expectations, thank you, Marek!"

Jacob RibnikNew York, United States of America

“True Professional…”

"I would like to thank MH Wedding Photography for doing such a great job on our wedding day. Marek was very easy to work with before our wedding, on the day, and in compiling our album. He is a true professional.

Before the wedding Padraig and I met up with him a couple of times to go through ideas...We needed guidance on this and Marek provided us with many different ideas that we definitely wouldn't have come up with ourselves so he was a great help in guiding us through the whole process.

On the day he was discrete and took many unusual shots as well as the more traditional style. There was a good balance between impromptu and organized shots which was fantastic, as we were so busy on the day we missed many of these moments, however Marek captured them perfectly. He really took us by surprise when he pulled out two pairs of wellington boots from his car for us to take some random shots in at a farmhouse near our hotel...an example of the spontaneity of some of his shots! It added not only to our album, it was also great fun! And these are among some of our favorite photos even though they were completely unplanned!

In compiling our album, Marek was extremely patient with us...he did everything we asked and also gave his professional opinion on our ideas, so the end result was just perfect. A beautiful collection of great quality, expertly taken photographs. We are 100% happy with our experience with MH Wedding Photography and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants top class photography on their big day."

Aine & PadraigTralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland